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Skidway Lake is a town in Northern Michigan so nefarious that its' name has become a common slang term used to describe something cheap or dirty. It was once a popular vacation spot, but is now a heavily blighted town (burned-down houses, four junk cars and a toilet in the yard, etc. etc.) and a popular place for police to conduct drug raids. Some people refer to the town as "Little Flint" due to its' crime rate and abundance poor & trashy inhabitants. However, unlike Flint, Skidway Lake isn't racially diverse at all. It's a mostly white enclave of poor people who rent cheap cabins and trailers (of which most are in desperate need of repair) owned by the few local business people (slum lords) or folks from downstate who realized it wasn't such a great place to vacation anymore, so why not rent it out to some poor suckers who don't know any better. Others call it "Skidmark", "Skidrow", or "Skankway". Some residents avoid admitting they live there at all by referring to their mailing address, which uses the Prescott zip code, or Mills Township - which is the official designation used for any manner of legal purposes.
Guy 1: Can I borrow five bucks?
Guy 2: No, but we can go steal my grandma's bottles and return them for cash.
Guy 1: Damn, that's so Skidway.

Girl 1: Who's that guy?
Girl 2: I don't know, but he looks like he's from Skidway. Let's get out of here before he tries to get us pregnant and give us the herpes.

Person 1: What's Skidway?
Person 2: The way your mom dresses when she's out trolling for a new husband.
by TheeJenniBurger October 30, 2009
A phrase often used to describe one's intense agreement, acknowledgement, or pleasure. Used in stead of saying "Yes", "I agree", "Awesome", "Great", or any number of positive-sounding adjectives.

Popular amongst verbal slackers and stoners in Northern Michigan who also say "Hey, Man" and "No worries" a lot.
Guy 1: Did you buy any snack cakes?
Guy 2: Yeah Bud! I totally got the munchies, man.


Guy 1: I just won the lottery!
Guy 2: Yeah Bud!


Guy 1: Did you return my bottles?
Guy 2: Yeah bud.
Guy 1: You suck. I was going to use that to put gas in my car.
by TheeJenniBurger October 30, 2009
"The Higgs" refers to either the town of Higgins Lake, Michigan, the lake itself, or any of the beaches surrounding the lake. It's a slang term employed by the locals, though the town and lake are a popular vacation destination due in part to the gorgeous water and two state parks. (South Higgins Lake State Park and North)
We're going to The Higgs this afternoon for a swim before the townies swarm in for the weekend.


My friend lives in The Higgs and I told her I'd pick her up on my way up to Grayling this afternoon.


The Higgs is so beautiful this time of year. Too bad the weather won't last long.


There's a party in The Higgs tonight - you down?
by TheeJenniBurger October 30, 2009

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