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Prep: Shallow, wears Hollister/Abercrombie. Listens to mainstream shit. Rich spoiled kids that are snobs.

Teenybopper: Pre-teen girl, likes Justin Bieber and Twilight. Keeps up with horrid popular fads.

Poser: Copy "popular" cliques. Would do anything to fit in, despite being fake.

Skater : Usually reckless, skate shirts, mingles with druggies.

Ghetto: Loud/annoying, undeserved sense of entitlement. Often black or Puerto Rican.

Jock/Cheerleader: The envy of many, get what they want, and often mingle with preps.

Nerd: The most picked on clique because others are jealous of their intelligence.

Geek: Not always smart. Many read anime and play video games.

Emo/Goth: "Depressed," wear black. Goths think they're more hardcore and smoke.

Scene: "Happy emos." Have a weird sense of style, but not original.

Punk/Rocker: Listens to rock music despite its unpopularity, smarter than mainstream sheep.

Metalhead: Don't like mainstream and preps, but are quite awesome and intelligent.

Druggie: Most preferred drug is weed, loves Bob Marley.

Creeper: Scary kid that nobody likes.

Loner: They have no friends.

Triple A's: Excel in Academics, Athletics, and Arts. Do community service and after-school activities. Usually ambitious.

Average: They are hard to be branded into cliques. They don't stand out and just hang out with friends. Many high schoolers are average.
High school stereotypes are use to brand students, though they are not often right.

Proud Metalhead, FTW.
by Thedannyman91 July 04, 2010

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