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Anyone (mostly Mexicans) who wears tight pants low, a shirt with "swag", spiky hairstyle, and a snapback (of a sports team they don't even watch). Likes the words "swag" and "YOLO". Some may do the shuffle dance, others may be poser skateboarders, and they like to be in groups. They are mostly big assholes, and only like girls because of their looks. They enjoy horrible mainstream rap music as well.

Dirk, rhymes with dirt, and is close to the word dyke
Dirk on Facebook: "Ayee mayn dats heckaa swagg ^.^ hmu and lets chill broo"
#mexican #douchebag #players #dicks #faggots #gay #stupid #snapback #swag #yolo #rap #no #love #swaggot
by TheNiceGuy August 28, 2012
Fuck that birth control bitch already.
Jim: Elise is always screwing around with other guys because she's on birth control, but I can't help but be nice to her even when she's mean to me.

Chris: Dude, don't take that shit. FTBCBA like everyone else!
#fuck #birth control #ftbcb #skank #whore
by theniceguy May 06, 2009
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