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A Christian Goth Is In Fact A True Goth. No Lies! A True Goth Is Not A Satanist, Or Even Aethiest, Pagan, Or Any Other Religion. A True Goth, Which I Will Now Be Calling a goth, as that is what thye are, is, theologically speaking, a christian, or at least a christian subculture or cult. the religion/beliefs that they often have are based on the foundamental princepals of the story of the fall of mankind in genisis (thats the first book in the bible for all you dumbassess); when eve ate from the tree of knowledge, and gave adam its forbidden fruit as well, and ever since then, mankind has been sinful and dark, as illistrated through their dress sense. they then take the belief that no matter what a man/women may do, she/he will never gain a place in heaven unless they choose to accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and as the messiah. the third, and final primary belief of goths is heavily based around the apocalypse (end of the world; again for all you dumbassess) and that the tribilutaion (time of hardship and persecution for christians) will come, and no man, no matter what their beliefs, christian or not(a typical christian belives that before the tribulation they will ascend/transcend (ascend=rise to heaven, transcend=just disappear in this wortld and appear in heaven) beore the birth of the antichrist)
But over time, as christianity has become more and more disliked, the fashion has shifted to those who just like the look and share no beliefs of a true goth, they just claim to be goths as they have no better name for themselves...
Therfor, a mordern "typical" goth is not a goth at all, they are just a fallasees and so should be refered to as something other than a goth, it is however, Christian Goths who are the true goths, and so should be referred to as goths, not "christian goths"

oh and if you have doubts on what i have said here, ask yourself this...
why in Gods name would 13th century chruches be referred to as gothic churches (as well as buildings of that time, they all have the gothic style archetecture)
False Goth; I Hate christ, I hate God, I hate Christians
Random Clever Kid On The Street; You Moron! You Know Nothing About What You Claim To BE For You Have Just Stated one of the most widely used oxymorons in the world, fucking ignorant arsehole, a true goth, is a christian goth!
by TheMeaning August 20, 2006

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