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The act of pulling your penis out of the vagina to prevent premature ejaculation.
You twiddle your penis around whilst it is "cooling down" and resume your normal routine be re-inserting it in the vagina.
Your friend: "So how long did you last yesterday with her?"

You: "Man I would've finished up within 5 minutes, but thanks to the Twiddle Technique I held on for half an hour!"

Your friend: "Damn I'll have to try that dude"
#twiddle #technique #vagina #penis #tech
by TheLuckyLuc June 22, 2011
The act of getting your penis erect in less time than other conventional techniques.
Your girlfriend: "Can we have sex now? I've been waiting for 5 minutes now already!"

You: "Yeah sure, lemme just use the Twiddle Technique v.2 to get it up faster"

Your girlfriend: "Hmm ok"
#erection #penis #vagina #technique #sex
by TheLuckyLuc June 29, 2011
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