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Not to be confused with the term Putaslut, this term is derived from both the Spanish and English words Puta and Bitch This word comes to mean:

:Noun:(1) A person who has extremely bad luck and or is scared of everything and ruins the night. (2)a person who is such a bitch they cannot be insulted in solely one language.

:Verb:(Putabitched) to get stood up, or ripped off. can also mean to get super pwned.
(In noun form)- "That guy has to stop being such a putabitch he has to stop stop crying he's ruining the night."
(In verb form)- "Dude, we just finished doing a 2 hour scavenger hunt paid a shit load of money and no one showed up to the meeting place, they ripped us off, we got putabitched.
by TheBlueYou April 08, 2010

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