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Written by a WK Elder- Small town in coastal New Jersey. A place stuck in the middle of a white trash Keansburg and a yuppie town of Hazlet. Filled with tough guy blue collar kids who travle in packs and represent their town to the fullest. They drink cheap beer and are damn proud of it. If confronted with a fight they will never back down. They are also extremly loyal to their freinds and family.

The New Generation of WK- West keansburg is still a small town caught between white trash keansburg and yuppie hazlet. We've fallen in numbers but the kids still dont give a fuck who you are or what your about. Since the graduating of the old gods *ak,gunz,pirate* just to name a few. WK had seem to become a joke to people. But surely enough the new generation came to put it right back on the map. Not being ashamed of where there from or how much money they have. They stand up for what they belive in and who they've grown into. Never leaving there friends and family behind always having there back. Learning from the elders to never back down from a fight. To what is ever necisary to make your point and keep the respect alive. West keansburg is not just a town for the kids that live there. Its a way of life. Its something the kids in the town are proud to be a part of.
Jock1-"That kid is such a fucking ass hole. All he does is run his mouth. Im gonna beat his fucking ass next time I see him"

Jock2-"I dont think thats such a good idea. That kids from West Keansburg. Those kids are like a gang, ya fuck with one you're fucking with them all"
Hazlet kid - "yo that green street movie just makes me want to beat kids faces in."

WK kid- "you wouldnt know how to fight your way out of a paper bag.::Muffs hazlet kid in face::

Hazlet kid- shitt...::cries::

Wk kids- "we're gonna do things just like the old gods did drink beer and keep scum out of our town"
by The young generation March 28, 2008

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