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Is a fictitious place which represents an act known as sexual intercourse. This term is to be used with subtlety is necessarily. "Pound Town" is not to be used in vulgar manner. It is to be used as a polite synonym to replace other vulgar synonyms for pro creation.

Also, when one visits pound town, he or she must note his or her "PPM". PPM represents "pounds per minute". So, when person discusses pound town, he or she must make mention of his or her PPM during his or her stay in pound town.

To find your PPM, simple count the number of "pounds" or "slams" per 10 second interval and then multiply by 6 to have your average PPM!

BACKGROUND: "Pound Down" originated in 2007 in a small town in Maryland. The term came about after "the girls" hung out and started sharing stories. It is important not to use the term without giving thanks to "the girls" in Maryland.
PETTY: "So, Ross, What did you do last night?"

ROSS: " well Petty, I went out with a girl, went for ice cream and then I took her to pound town."

PETTY: "nice, what was your ppm?"

ROSS: " Well, I started out slow at around 30 ppm for a few minutes and then ramped it up to about 60 ppm for about 2 minutes"
by The ross-miester March 24, 2009
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