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The kind of thing Dubya would say when he means to say "regardless". Its a bastardized version of the word "regardless", with an added superfluous "ir" added at the start. All you have to do is think about it logically to see that its not a grammatically correct word, just a mistake that unfortunetly became popular. You dont have to be a pompous or rude asshole to correct someone, just somebody who thinks its important that they dont compromise the English language to cater for people who cant be arsed to do their English homework.

To be honest, I dont mind people using words like this in normal speech, but I cant stand to see it in print. People like journalists and authors, I believe, have a responsibility to be at least somewhat gramatically correct.
1. If you're going to make a living from writing, then please make the effort to use real words instead of words like "Irregardless" and "alot".

Other person: "Alot of words are considered ungrammatical before they are sanctioned."

Me: "Yes, and it's a sad testiment to the quality of education in society when these mistakes are sanctioned!"
by The original Malicious Matt November 08, 2005

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