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2 definitions by The king of Obscene

A term to describe homly girls/teenage girls who rub their hairy un-tamed pussy's to a poster/video of Justin Beiber.
Girl 1(walking funny) Im so sore from last night! Girl 2(over hearing girl 1) Omg! why? Girl 1: I was looking at justin on my wall last night all glossy and cute and I just could not stop touching my beiber beaver. Girl 2: Wow get a life! and a boyfriend..HAha.
by The king of Obscene August 23, 2010
12 4
To have sex in one place in only one position. As to not make noise that might disturbe others.( perfect for teenage guys who want to get a quick nut off without really doing any work, or who are worried about her/his mom or dad hearing, possibly causing them to split up)
Dude did you smash that? hell yeah I stuck fucked that bitch.
by The king of Obscene August 23, 2010
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