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Mtv is a dumb corporation that brainwashes the youth. The fashion is crazy and dumb. The people who watch mtv are just wannabe preps and ghetto snobs. Listening to their pop\rap culture. The people who like Mtv are arrogant too...they bully,they make fun of idvinduals clothes, they listen to madonna(very evil).
I think they should shut down MTV or change it..it used to be good a long time ago but the media made it a living hell
,,!,,(-.-),,!,, fuck you MTV!!!!!!!!!!
Mtv: Hey kids an awesome new punk bad came out. Blink 182!!!!!!!!!! it mixes ghetto poser rap and pop together thats how we get punk.
stupid brainwashed kids: Yay!!!!
by The killer of rap September 24, 2006
Rap is that distinct horrible music that you constantly hear at your highschool, or on the street if you live in a city, or on the radio, or on TV. It can be identifyed by the "drum" beat that continually loops over and over. Often, listeners of rap identify the quality of a rap "song" by how "phat" its beat is, or something like that.
Another major characteristic of rap, is the stupid ass fucking shitty lyrics that a bunch of "bad ass muthas" try to sing over the equally stupid ass fucking shitty drum machine and synthesizers. These lyrics are basically always about how they just busted a phat cap in their homeez azzes. Or about how "life is hard in the ghetto". Nobody fucking gives a shit how life is in the ghetto, last time I was in the ghetto my wallet got stolen, so shut the fuck up.

Other Shit I Hate About Rap

Theres lots of other stuff about rap I hate. For one thing, its the horrible glamorization of it and its "artists". For example, I'd like any rap fan out there to tell me who wrote the music to any rap song (and none of those fucking cheap puffy songs count, cause he always just uses other peoples music, thus ruining the original song because his new "lyrics" fucking suck). I mean who wrote the MUSIC, not the lyrics, which are written by the stupid ass rappers. I'll tell you who wrote the music, a bunch of people you've never heard of in your life, and never will, who know how to operate drum machines and computers. Basically, the rap "artist" asks them to make a real "phat" beat, they do so until its "phat" enough, then the rapper dubs in the lyrics over it. Ever notice that at rap "concerts" theres about 30 people in the background, aside from the fucking stupid rapper and the 90 backup dancers, that you've never seen in your life? Those would be the people I'm talking about. But of course, the rap "artist" always gets 100% credit for their new "song". However, I can tell you exactly who wrote both the lyrics and music to say, the Metallica song "The Call of Ktulu". The 4 (original) members of Metallica did, and they played the fucking song themselves, with actual instruments (REAL drums, for example). I would like to see any rap "artist" pick up any real instrument and do anything impressive with it. Oh but wait, I made a mistake, "The Call of Ktulu" doesn't have lyrics, because its whats called an instrumental song. Of course in the rap world, nobody knows what the hell that means. Theres no instrumental rap songs, cause they would be fucking boring as hell. And theres not a single rapper or rap fan who can appreciate the talent it took to record a song like The Call of Ktulu.

Another thing I hate, is the fucking stupid rap fans themselves. These are the people who always argue that rap is superior to metal and rock (or basically any other style of music) because all that kind of music is just noise. Or, for example, this person I know who wheres a sock on his head once said that Metallica is just about Satan, and its just grunting or something. Well for one thing, Metallica has never made one song glorifying Satan at all. That job is reserved for shitty goth bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, and the fucking stupid ignorant rap fans get these bands confused with bands such as Metallica. They also often assume that all people who like Metallica, also like Korn, as if thats a rule. Metallica is one of my favorite, if not my favorite band, and I personally HATE Korn. Korn is just MTV's version of metal. All the stupid ass people at school who like Korn are those fucking dicks who think they are cool or something cause apparently liking Korn makes them different and strange, and therefore cool. Well, its a shame they are EXACTLY LIKE ALL THE OTHER KORN FANS, and so they aren't different at all. Of course, as much as I hate Korn and all those other shitty grunge bands that people get confused with Metallica, they all have about 300% more talent than any rapper.
"Yo yo yo Ill shoot you I grew up in south bronz too yo cause I rap like crap yo!"
by The killer of rap September 24, 2006
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