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An Vaudeville entertainer practicing the craft of Hermantry, usually targeted towards the entertainment of children. Hermans are known to wear bright yellow suits, black crew neck shirts, pale yellow body paint, a tight crew cut, and usually have floppy ears. They keep no teeth in sight preferring to be seen with their true yellow colors. Hermans are usually solitary peopl as the craft requires great devotion.
"How did you come to the craft of Hermantry?"

"It came to me in my sleep one day. I just knew it was my calling. And here I am, 50 years later, unmarried, floppy ears, havent seen my teeth since 2010, but no regrets... I brought a lot of joy."
"You certainly were a great Herman, the last of a dying breed."
by The chocolate couch March 14, 2010

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