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2 definitions by The White Cobra

Noun: A folder on your computer dedicated for images taken from the internet and from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter of sexually attractive people for you to pleasure yourself to later.

A lazy, digital replacement for a regular spank bank that consists of images you remember in your head.
Person #1: "Hey dude, what's in that folder on your laptop called White Snake Lullabies?"

Person #2: "It's my spank bank folder man, it has nothing but naked porn stars and my hot Sorority friends in bikinis dude."

Person #1: "Why is it called White Snake Lullabies?"

Person #2: "It's an innuendo dude, I'm not stupid enough to call it Spank Bank."
by The White Cobra July 16, 2012
An ode to the 1980s style of breakdancing on a flaten piece of cardboard in the streets. The act of impressing a boy/girl by showcasing how well they can dance.
Dalton: Hey Luke, how the hell are you going to impress Kacie?

Luke: I think a stroll down the cardboard catwalk will do the trick.

Dalton: Okay, but your white so I'd stick to the acoustic guitar.

Luke: Oh please. I'm the blackest white person in Lafayette County.
by The White Cobra July 07, 2011