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1. The greatest backyard wrestling organization in the Greater Fedgeton Area.
2. Home of TheChameleon and The Urban Rebel.
3. And cut...
TheChameleon: "Welcome to the Savage Wrestling Alliance!"
*Urban Rebel pinches TheChameleon's nipple*
TheChameleon: "Ow fucker!" *begins pummeling Rebel*
by The Urban Rebel November 25, 2003
An inner source of near limitless energy, harnessed only by the chosen Glaiven Knights. Easily confused with the force, but much more über.
I can feel it in my inner glaiven...
by The Urban Rebel September 12, 2003
One of the juking variety, tending to, but not limited to, being a tall, skinny, trombone playing Mormon named Scott.
You filthy juker.
by The Urban Rebel September 11, 2003
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