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When a bro hoe grips her drink, (usually a natural or busch light) with her thumb and index finger, holds her phone, (usually a blackberry), within her middle and index finger, and her pack of cigarrettes with her ring and middle finger all with one hand. This is mainly used to free up one of her hands so she can still put one hand on her hip to pose for a picture. This is an especially popular technique many bro hoes use to make them look cooler in pictures. Many bro hoes simply do not have enough time to waste on putting their stuff down while they are taking pictures.
Girl 1: Hey girl let me get a picture of you two!!

Girl 2: Okay girly let me put my drink, phone, and cigarrettes down first.

Girl 1: NO!!! We don't have time. Just use the bro hoe hold.

Girl 2: Oh yeah!
by The Ultimate Lax Bro February 18, 2010

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