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a tragic poet is poet who writes about tragadies. Normally in the classical sense, as reffered to in Plato's Republic.

A Tragic Poet, would be someone who would take a situation to a exagerated level while taking on a stance such as pain, angst or sadness.
This exageration, is to the point of absurdism.
The absurdism may not be known to the individual, and in this case it is correct to call an individual a Tragic Poet. (Simulacrum of tragic form).

On the other hand we may have pretencious individuals who use satire, of forms that may be viewed as Tragic, but in fact are not.
They are not not to be called Tragic Poet's for it would not be correct, as they are fully aware of the absurdity of there actions normally in reference to the written form.

Except for the individual who wrote this definition.
He is The Tragic Poet, as in the article "the" giving him the title, of being a Tragic Poet, but fully aware of the absurdism involved.
All emo kids are Tragic Poet's.

(the fact that it is creating a fallacy makes the sentence follow in true tragic poet form)
by The Tragic Poet April 08, 2005

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