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Derived from the latin word slimaties, which loosely translates to ladies of the evening. The word has come to be synonymous with vulgar promiscuous woman who flout propriety. While found throughout the nation they seem to mate and congregate in two centralized locations.
One genus (Homo sapien slutian) tends to prefer the small town of Stonington in southeast Connecticut. Often compared to Courtney Love, this group is considered the lesser of two evils.
The second genus (Homo Sapien whoratarias) congregate around the small school of Johnson and Whales in Providence Rhode Island. As a result of the high density in which they live in the area many consider this the slimie capital of the nation, if not world. This group does not attempt to flaunt wealth or class. Quite the contrary, they openly put their intentions forward and spread their slime to anybody willing to accept.
Sometimes put into a group of their own, there is a select group of slimies that hold residents in both areas of congregation. In some cases the slime has gone air-born, and all non-slimies are advised to keep a safe distance from this group.
"That girl's pretty hot"
"Naw, dude I heard she's one of those slimies"
by The Slimie Exterminator January 09, 2009

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