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Another term for prison. Prison is called this as many people who find them selves in prison only learn the newest tricks of the trade and how to keep it more real instead of being rehibilitated or learning the error of their ways.
Carlos did a B & E now hes off to Gangster College for 4 years.

Don't you worry man you get me $500 dollars to start out and ill turn it into $50,000. I got my masters at Rikers Gangster College.
by The Screw of Damnation January 13, 2006
A gangster autograph is what you call it when you acquire several bullet holes in your car. From a gun toting pedestrian. One can recieve a gangster autograph for various reasons. Varying from because the person donesnt like how you look or because your the police. Most commonly police cars are the recievers of Gangster Autographs as when a police car is fired upon they like to show what there V8 engine is for. Which is geting the hell out of there real quick only to return 10 minutes latter with 50 cops to find that the shooter is long gone.
I gave that cop car a quick gangster autograph so my crew knows i keep it real.

Some rich folks drove there brand new Hummer through the poor part of town to observer the locals in action. The locals were so pleased to have such lovely rich visters that they were all eager to put there gangster autograph on the new Hummer.

I gangster autographed that car for parking so far away from the curb.
by The Screw of Damnation January 20, 2006

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