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The concept of owing a race of people financial restitution because their ancestors may have been slaves generations back is the ultimate example of brainwashing propaganda fed to an ignorant and gullible racial minority by race baiting pimps that this country has seen in the past century. Many of them don’t even know who their fathers are, but are damn sure they’re the victims of slavery centuries ago. Let’s not even pursue the fact that many of the slave merchants were black. Blacks have been of the ‘entitlement’ mentality since welfare was first introduced and have been living off the system as dependents ever since. Those that don’t and who attempt to express their disapproval are ostracized by the niggers that continue to believe they shouldn’t have to work to survive and continue to play the system for as much free money as they can get at the expense of working, tax paying Americans.

Let’s propose a solution to the issue of reparations. Using a round number like $100,000, or some arbitrary amount as a settlement figure, we’ll proceed to say that our government is obligated to pay this amount to every black that claims they are the ancestor of a slave(s).
Reparations (cont)
However, to be fair, these same blacks will be required to pay for the expenses they, as well as their ancestors, have accumulated with regards to the costs that have accumulated due to their existence in our society. This will include the costs of welfare that’s been paid out to them, the costs of education (the benefits of which for many are negligible), the costs of incarceration (applicable for the greater majority of the recipients), the costs of restitutions to the victims of the crimes they’ve perpetrated, the costs for the rebuilding of neighborhoods they’ve destroyed that they chose to inhabit as well as the depreciation costs of the real estate, the costs of government subsidized housing they require, the costs of their free medical care, the costs of all the additional law enforcement required to contain them and finally the costs of pain, suffering and frustration everyone else has to bear in dealing with them every damn day. It should be clear that they would be indebted to the rest of society for expenses that would extend well beyond the length their miserable lives and their ability to pay, as if they had any means by which to pay. And since this proposal is based on their ancestors, their debt due to society would be extended to their descendants.
by The Rectum Al Sharpton September 28, 2012

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