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When a girl is bending over and you unexpectedly whip out your dick, shove it in her mouth and cum down her throat.
Guy1: Did you hear what happened last night?
Guy2: No...
Guy1: Tom did the texas big gulp to your mom!
Guy2: Fuck.......
by The Penir Kitty September 26, 2010
When a girl is taking a huge dump on your chest and right after it falls onto the guy's (or girl's) neck, they begin to gentlely lick the anus of the aforementioned shitter.
Tom: Alright baby, SHIT ALL OVER ME!
Jenny: *pushing hard* Fuuuuuccckkkkkk!!!
Turd: *plop*
Tom: Are you ready for a Shit n tickle? *licks jenny's asshole*
by The Penir Kitty April 06, 2011

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