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One or more bros that travel from city to city trying to find parties to crash and women to have sexual relations with. If a bromad or the bromads fail to do such they will sleep in their car on the side of the road and try again the next day. Bromads are usually low on cash and require semi-good looks and the ability to sweet talk for entrance into parties.
Frank, Conor and Tim went down to the Jersey shore for the weekend with no place to stay but the vehicle they were in. They partied the night away with people they didn't even know. They are true bromad(s).
by The Original Bromad August 15, 2010
The act of transferring ones wallet or valuable items from back pocket to front pocket when you enter a shady party to prevent pickpocketing.
Tim and Frank went to this shady ass Temple U party and they had to do the Philly Flip to make sure they had money for their munchies later on.
by The Original Bromad April 13, 2011
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