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The person who stands in front of the buttons in the elevator and asks everyone what floor they would like pushed. Not to be confused with elevator attendant or operator. The elevator captain is just some doofus who insists on standing really close to the buttons so he/she can be the only one to push them.
The dork who thought he was the elevator captain leered at me when I asked him to push "69."
by The Moleman February 17, 2006
Nomadic colons are people who travel to restrooms outside of their work area (past the closest restroom) to utilize a restroom commonly used by another work group or on another floor.

The nomadic colon travels there for unknown reasons, perhaps from a fear of embarrassment from co-workers, a desire to defile new and unexplored territory, or for comfort reasons.

The nomadic colon is predominately male in gender, but female nomads have been observed.
Oh, man! Some nomadic colon stunk the rest room on our floor!

I spotted the elusive nomadic colon when he emerged from our restroom and immediately entered the stairway to return to his home territory.
by The Moleman February 28, 2006
Perjorative slang for a Beretta handgun (as carried by a military person or federal cop)
My burrito is rusty and it rattles so bad I can't hit the side of a barn.
by The Moleman February 17, 2006

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