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The lowest form of human being on the planet. These are often shallow, pathetic creatures, attempting to be unique and special by acting "random" and claiming to be insane or to having voices inside their heads. They generally shop at Abercrombie, Hollister, Hot Topic, or vintage stores in order to appear trendy or cool.

On the internet, they often type "lyk thisss xox <#!!1" and are deeply defensive if anybody dares to disagree with their usually incorrect and flawed logic, which usually consists of another person not being allowed to voice their opinion if their achievments are not close to theirs, even though they are usually talentless and ignorant. They fail to listen to another person's points, even if stated in an organized and consistent fashion. They act as if they have roamed the internet and are completely aware of everything at the same time as being attractive, popular, and intelligent, which they are not.

The teenage girl's vocabulary is very small and not very complex. Their most used words are "awesome, amazing, rawr, dinosaur, random, cheese, lyke, like, bows," and "unicorns." Most of the words are used to be random or original, though nearly everybody uses these words.

In a quick summary, these are usually stupid, unoriginal, shallow, and self-centered creatures. Some teenage girls break the mold and are extremely smart, unique, and rather clever, but these are rare.
The teenage girl was verbally assaulted on omegle, but kept attempting to counter by saying she was kewler, pretty, unique, original, speshul, hardcore, talented, smart, and popular. She was laughed at and promptly brought to tears.
by The Massively Mad Person July 11, 2011

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