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The act of really needing to take a shit while your cousin is in the bathroom making out with a drunk chick..Since you have only one bathroom in your house and don't want to shit your pants you grab an empty milkshake cup from your kitchen table and proceed to the backyard to take a shit in the cup. You wipe after your cousin is done with the chick in the bathroom!
Janoodle got home from work one night and desperatly needed to take a shit. Her cousin was in the bathroom making out with a drunk chick..so Janoodle got the milkshake cup that she bought from work and went in the backyard to poop in her cup. When done, she threw the cup in a bag that sat in the trash can..turns out, the bag was clothes that were accidently thrown away and her aunt got the bag out of the garbage so Janoodle told her and the act was then named Cup Of Janoodle.
#shitting in a plastic cup #warm poop in a cup #brown eye bottom cup #cup of poopy #brown corn milkshake.
by The Lochnessa Monster November 16, 2006
Three of you and your friends sit on the couch drinking Exlax..try to see who wins.
Zack, Naland and Ryan were sitting on the couch playing Risk. They were drinking Exlax out of the bottle with straws. Naland shit his pants and lost..Ryan ran to the bathroom and spent 47 minutes in there...he got 2nd place..Zack continued to sip on the Exlax until he had consumed 6.5 bottles of Exlax...Zack won.
#shitting your pants #pooping #digesting #diarreah #squirts.
by The Lochnessa Monster November 16, 2006
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