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A dumbass who doesn't listen to the truth even when told or when it's all around him.
I give up on you PUDSMACKS!
by The Lightning Stalker February 08, 2005
A name you call someone either before or after they do something stupid.
Hey buttsmack, don't stick your hand in that toaster.

Hey buttsmack, I can't believe you just did that!
by The Lightning Stalker February 08, 2005
Fly sh#t. Tiny spots left by flies as they crawl on stuff.
Tom always checks the silverware for fly dots at Old Country Buffet.
by The Lightning Stalker June 01, 2006
1) An acronym for Blown Load Fruit Salad. A salad consisting of Cantelope, Cool Whip, romaine lettuce and human sperm.

2) Any fruit salad containing human sperm.
"I serve the fruit salad (affectionatly referred to as BLFS, or "Blown Load Fruit Salad") to my roommates and female friends, who have no idea that they are actually eating my blown load."
by The Lightning Stalker August 02, 2005
Part of the house that is a little wormer than the rest.
Hey, I just found a worm spit over the heat vent.
by The Lightning Stalker January 26, 2015

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