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A noun that translates to the word, "douche." However, this only pertains to the bad type of douche, and not the good douches.

These bad douches are individuals who bang fat chicks and have no taste in women or game to secure them.

Also an individual who complains about not getting invited to a party and gets pissed off at his friend who was courteous enough to ask. All because the host said no.

A douche is an immature and dishonest individual that claims to be using his own original material that he came up with when attempting to game a girl, when in reality, he is using the same phrases that he learned from the guy that taught him everything he knows about gaming chicks.

A Levin does not have the skillz to treat the orifice of a sufficiently attractive female with his small reproductive organ.
"Dude! You totally pulled a Levin with that whale you banged last night!"

"Only a Levin could have that many girls call him a creep."

"Wow man, your failure to get that girl was epic, you're such a Levin."

A man has 200 dollars clearly visible in his wallet and his part of the bill is only 5 bucks and says, "Uhhh guys...I don't really have much money right now, could you cover me?" and never pays the person back has just pulled a Levin.
by The Knife and Rape Experts November 30, 2012

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