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D-Town is the city of Detroit,Mi.(Founded in 1701)

The reason you are driving a car is because of a man from D-Town(Detroit), Named Henry Ford(Read up on him).

Some of your favorite singers get their style from D-Town(Detroit) ever heard of Motown Records?

D-Town(Detroit) is one of the cities of the great lakes(yes my tap water is fresher than yours)

Canada is right next door to D-Town(Detroit), So if I want to go shopping for cheap or go on a vacation in another country its only a 30min-1hr ride.

The D-Town(Detroit) is where Trick Daddy and Styles-p got their asses Beat.

D-Town(Detroit) is the home of the Pistons,Shocks,Red Wings,Tigers & Lions(So basically its the zoo, Where the weak gets ate)

D-Town(Detroit) is the only city that has Hot winters & Cold summers(Detroiters know what I mean)

If you go into a room with a million people from all over the globe and told them that you`re from D-Town they would think you`re talking about Detroit because its the real big D, D-Town, Motor City(JD aint no new motown B****!!)
Radio DJ: So, Big Tuck where are you from?

Big Tuck: D-town all the way!

Radio DJ: WOW I love to look at the riverfront in Detroit!

Big Tuck: Nah! Not Detroit! Dallas baby!

Radio Dj: Dallas? Where`s that? Is that in America?

Big Tuck: **crying**
by The King from Detroit May 29, 2008

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