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A diarrhea session that makes you bite your lip, roll your eyes up, howl in pain, and inwardly pray for mercy and light as your anus and rectum is destroyed by lethally hot liquid shit that feels like it's filled with razors. Usually to be had after a curry or eating at Taco Bell.
by The Jigga Man March 08, 2005
A vile cesspit of disease and contagion, where you can find single mums yelling at their kids, people coughing in your face, and fatass lardbuckets that drive around on little scooters because if they take three steps, they collapse over to their side, begging for food(prefably MIckey D's).
I caught Influenza after an 67 year old dried up relic coughed in my face at Wal*Mart.
by The Jigga man September 20, 2004
A 600 pound whale of a person fused to a small scooter that goes regularly for food at the Mcdonald's. A shotgun blast to the face fixes these things.
I nearly got run over by one of those Walmart Creatures, Alex. Dammit.
by The Jigga man September 20, 2004
The place where Rummy and Dick Cheney shoulda looked for Weapons of Ass Destruction.
Oh my God, I just ate a grilled STUFT burrito, now I'm pissing liquid uranium out my asshole and melting the porcelain of my toilet. HELP!
by The Jigga Man March 07, 2005
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