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The ultimate god of cats everywhere. His head is capped by a natural outgrowth known as the "Mystic Rind", which originally was a solid lime. During the epic battle with Clock Spider, several gashes were rent into the lime, creating a bang-like effect. Limecat responded by chewing off the Clock Spider's ninth leg and cast it into the sky, where it became the God of most religions.
Limecat is seldom pleased, and only his priests have ever seen him do anything more than frown and glare. He has an illegitimate kitten, Linecat, who is marked by his lack of hair apart from his head and paws.
Limecat is our lord and savior. All hail Limecat.
by The High Priest of Limecat February 27, 2004
A pathetic mammalian creature who attempted to challenge the Gods of the Internet, Clock Spider and Limecat. The threat posed by the ferret appeared to be sufficient for His Limeness and the spider to make a brief truce and take it on. As soon as the fight started, Eternal Ferret was distracted by the shininess of Clock Spider's severed ninth leg (mounted in the sky, of course). Limecat swiped him, and he was scattered into oblivion.
Eternal Ferret is dead, another notch in Limecat's lime.
by The High Priest of Limecat February 27, 2004

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