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Someone who CAN be nice sometimes. But many people hate their step mom's. I actually like mine, she is actually really nice.
Bob: "I hate my step mom. She's a whore."
Me: "I actually like my step mom, she is really nice."
Bob: "Dude, you're a dick."
by The Guy on Main St October 01, 2007
Some jackass who cares about 1 person, himself. He decides that once your real dad is gone, he is in control. He decides to call your real mom "honey" and "baby" and other crap like that. They decide to make do all of this crap for no reason.
Me: "I'm so happy I live in Connecticut"
My New Friend, Bob: "Why?"
Me: "No more step dad!"
by The Guy on Main St October 01, 2007
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