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1 definition by The Gunny

The proper name of a very nice State, which is usually mis-pronounced as "ill-in-noise." It's actuall pronunciation is "ill-in-oy." People who mispronounce it in the presence of someone from that great State are usually in for a verbal and/or physical smack-down.
(1)Bob - "So, I hear you're from ill-in-noise, right?"

Gunny- "No, you cum-guzzling spunk-dumpster, I'm from ill-in-oy. What craptastic fucktard state are you from? Confusion?"

(2) "People from Illinois today launched a nationwide day of protest angainst cheesheads and other fucktards that commonly mis-pronounce the name of their great State."
by The Gunny January 23, 2007
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