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1 definition by The Great enal

1. America's hat.
2. America's backyard.
3. America's little brother who always talks trash and is lucky it doesn't get socked in the face.
4. A really cool country, except for the parts with Frenchies. Those guys suck.
5. A country with terrible medical aid.
6. The first country the United States will annex if a holocaustic World War III begins.
7. The country that doesn't need a fence on the border.
1. Hey, where's my hat?
- On top of Michigan.
2. Where's the dog?
-In Canada.
3. Why do they keep trash-talkin'? Don't they know we'll beat them down?
-Dude, they're Canadians.
4. Ontario = Awesome
5. Hey, does anybody want some free drugs?
6. In Fallout 3, America annexed Canada during the nuclear war with China.
7. Stupid Mexico.
by The Great enal March 14, 2009