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To fall completely in love with. Not obsession!! Not even to be confused with obsession.

1)To fall deeply in love with one person, in a short period of time.

2)Willing to do any to please someone you love. Rather it be embarassing yourself, or being extremely romantic.

3)The retarded ass mother fucker who sings that damn song "I'm sprung" is fucking sprung on saying sprung...

4)Refusing to live without that person by your side.
1)Rachel-"I love him sooo much and I don't care what you say or think!!"
Me-"Didn't you just meet him last week."
Me-"And you love him? When is his birthday, his middle name?"
Rachel-"Well...I don't know the answers to those questions. But I have the rest of my life to find out..We are gettin' married. *Happy proud face.*
Me-Dumbass. -_-

2)Chuck-God she is amazing I love her so much.
Me-Aww...heard you guys were planning on getting married?
Chuck-We are..I'd do anything for that girl. Love her with all my heart.
Me-So anything huh?
Chuck-Yeah, anything

3) I'm sprung how'd she get me....got me doin' things I'd never do...if you ain't..

4) Emo
by The Eternal Sorrow November 10, 2006
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