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An act where at the peak of an orgasm, the initiator of the orgasm, uses the 2nd knuckle of the middle finger( of the hand of thier choice) to rub the taint of the other person (or sometimes thier own taint) in a counter-clockwise circle, thus increasing the pleasure sensation immeasurably !
I would have gotten rid of her years ago but... she is the best Taint Knuckler I know. I would have gone out with Maggie Q but with such small hands her Taint Knuckling would leave me wanting so much more!
by The Dirty Geek February 16, 2011
An act where 2 women wearing plastic warm honey filled dildos have thier way with a man in the middle who is facing upwards, an inverse Eiffel Tower
Oprah and Galye "London Chunneled" the heck out of Stedman last night, a good time was had by all!
by The Dirty Geek January 26, 2011
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