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Stands for Harmony Central Amp Forum. A place where scum guitar players hang out and discuss shit online. It is a purely man & boy zone. There are no females on HCAF. 50% of topics are about guitar playing the rest are off topic.

HCAF is dominated by metalheads. But if you wanna bring teh br00talz and you scoop your mids or have an amp powered by bees you will be laughed, and possibly battered, out of town.

It is plagued by trolls and has handbag drama going on a near daily basis. In comparison to other forums there is little moderation. An atmosphere of self-moderated anarchy is prevalent.

Keywords and phrases you should familiarise yourself with before you go to HCAF are: A2M, Gape, Asshat, Douche, Fucking Douche, Goatse, Gain, Butt Rape, Fucktard, Tweedbucket is a fucking cunt, Tubes, The inhabitants of Open Jam should be exterminated, Tone, Troll, Brutal, Wanking, STFU NOOB.
OJ Troll: I feel inadequate with my 15W Solid State Combo. I am so jealous of the HCAF guys with their large collections of powerful tube amplifiers and cabinets. I think I will go and troll them.

HCAF Guy #1: Go fuck yourself douche.
HCAF Guy #2: What a fucking asshat.
HCAF Guy #3: A2m/Gape?
HCAF Guy #4: Murder/Suicide?
HCAF Guy #5: Your mom is a crap fuck!!
HCAF Guy #6: pics?
HCAF Guy #7: I'd hit it.
HCAF Guy #8: :mad:
HCAF Guy #9: :love:
HCAF Guy #10: :confused:
Chudanez: *Posts Goatse*

* A tumbleweed rolls through town *
by The Brutalizer May 15, 2007

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