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A parody of the hit song "Computer Love" by Zapp & Roger that simply replaces the word computer with controller, and the word love with jock. When an opponent is caught controller jocking during a game of Madden, an impromptu and brief performance of "Controller Jock (the song)" is the appropriate and socially accepted retaliation.
Variation of "Controller Jock (the song)"

Terold: Cun-troooler Ja-a-ack...

Tom: It's controller jock you idiot!
by The Black Jack Tripper July 24, 2009
The symptom one may have that leads to a Dr. visit where you then learn you are HIV positive.
Tommy: Dude I'm feeling like shit, I don't know what it is...
Mark: What'd you eat? Maybe it's food-poisoning...
Tommy: Nothin' out of the norm. Just a bagel and and a big slam filled with my own urine...
Mark: Did you wear a rubber with that Cambodian hooker last weekend?
Tommy: No. Why would I?
Mark: Dude, you may have the queer flu! You might want to get checked.
by The Black Jack Tripper July 23, 2009
A technique one may use during the play calling process of the John Madden Football video game in which one would take a mental snapshot of an opponents play calling screen at the time of said opponents play selection with the intentions of gaining advantage by narrowing down and knowing said opponents selected play. Not to be confused with Controller Jocking, which is a less refined, more primitive style of cheating.
The only reason he won is cause he was screen hustling the whole game!
by The Black Jack Tripper July 24, 2009
The act of sneakily glancing at an opponents game controller during the play calling process of Madden with the intentions of gaining an advantage by knowing said opponents chosen play. Although similar to screen hustling, controller jocking is a more primitive and unrefined style of cheating.
Also, see Controller Jock (the song).
Dude, Leviticus is the biggest controller jock I've ever played against!
by The Black Jack Tripper July 23, 2009

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