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-Adjective + noun:
A phrase used to describe the straightforward, simplistic and often immature reasoning that those under the influence of cannabis exhibit.

Conclusions based upon stoner logic are often non-destructively hedonistic, with the pursuit of further pleasure and happiness being the object. Contrary to the misinformation spread during modern cannabis prohibition (See, reefer madness), stoner logic tends to be manifest in a mostly harmless fashion. Those ignorant to how stoner logic works may see weed-smokers as unreasonable, but anyone who's been there before understands the desire to have fun, be happy, and feel comfortable.
Tobias: "Hmm, if peanut butter, tuna, ham, turkey, swiss cheese, ranch dressing, ketchup, and mayo all taste good on their own, they must be delicious together!"

Mike: "Watch it man, that some serious stoner logic you got going on. It'll be quicker and probably taste better if you just make a ham and swiss."

Tobias: "Haha, you're probably right, but it all looks so good!"
#stoner-logic #pot logic #munchies #high #cannabis
by The Big Zabowski October 13, 2010
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