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Motivational based retardation.

The inability (unwillingness) to think, act or perform at a reasonable level due to the intense lack of motivation to participate. This is often observed as a strategy/response to get out of unwanted tasks or obligations by convincing others you suck at it so bad you won't be asked again.
I asked my roommate to clean the bathroom, but after I saw how poorly it was being done, I told him to stop and went over it myself. I have thought at times he has Selective Fatigue Syndrome, but I think at this point it may actually be Motardation to the point we will have to rethink our chore divisions.

My son begged me to mow the lawn and the first few times he did a great job. Now that it is old hat and the Motardation has set in, I might as well do it myself.
by The Bard of Morgan County October 23, 2009
The mental phenomenon of forgetting what horrible task a towel or cloth (or chamois) was used for before the current use.
When I shower, I am mindful to finish using the washcloth on my face before I wash my nethers. Thanks to a healthy dose of chamnesia, I will start out with that same cloth on my face the next time I wash up.

Dry off dishes with a kitchen towel that was previously used to clean up a puppy mess? No problem with a run through the laundry and a little chamnesia.
by The Bard of Morgan County August 17, 2009

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