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A new political Party with the intent of making the President and Congress realize they are running a champagne Govt. on a water budget...
We believe that life can be lived and supported sufficiently, efficiently, and peacefully by abiding by the "Beer Lifestyle on a Beer Budget" adage!!!!
Disenchanted by all the in-fighting and destruction caused by the current political parties; A small band of Americans formed The B.E.E.R. Party to reignite the fire of democracy that has been quelled by modern day politicians such as libtards, repukes, and polidiots alike...
by The B.E.E.R. Party April 08, 2010
The act of pushing one's agenda or ideal(s) on a populous regardless of the bountiful rejection, hatred, or denouncing of said agenda or ideal(s).
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Reformicism has dealt a destructive blow to the American ideals of freedom...
by The B.E.E.R. Party April 08, 2010

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