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A flaming douchebag liberal who has recently finished yet another lecture on his tour across America to spew hate speech and other anti-American statements; this time at the University of Hawaii.
Ward Churchill can SUCK MY ASS!!!
by The Anti-Fag February 26, 2005
1.) A gay person, more specifically a homosexual male.
2.) Alternate spelling of the word faggot.
Elton John is a total faggit.
by The Anti-Fag March 20, 2005
Special rights that should NOT be granted to homosexuals. However, you have the basic human right to not be killed, and also the right to change your ways.
To the Homos: "Turn or burn!" I say.
by The Anti-Fag February 22, 2005
Another liberal movement designed to bring down the moral fabric of American society. These people can call me a redneck, bigot, asshole, and (the supposedly-derogatory title) Republican if they want. They cannot deny the truth that being gay, and getting married with someone of the same-sex is WRONG.
Marriage: one man, one woman; period.
by The Anti-Fag February 22, 2005
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