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Alternative applies to people, usually fairly young people (young at heart at least!), that do not fit into any particular subculture but are definitely not townies or any other 'mainstream' types.

Personally, I like lots of different music, from Joy Division to Alanis Morissette and Nirvana. Because this is not 'cool' music (if by cool you mean mindless shite like hip hop and garage, yo, yo me-freestyle bollocks that townies like!) I would call it alternative music which therefore makes me alternative.

So basically, alternative is the best term to label yourself with if you want to position yourself outside of the mainstream without tying yourself down to a particualar subculture, such as goth or grunger
Townie (who happens to white, who would have thunk it!)- What tha fucks wrong with yo, turn dat Nirvana shit off and spin some of deez tunes on ya deck. Me got de Blazing Squad, me got de yo-yo-yos, whos in de house, me got de dance de de boppy, breaker style.

Alternative - Come back and speak to me when you've taken some English classes and learnt the language the rest of us have agreed on. Untill then, fuck off and get some clothes that arent WHITE.
by The Alt rock chimp June 06, 2004
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