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A gigantic tool that has an obsession with Diesel jeans and all things overly expensive. Consistently lies about things to impress the ladies, but never seems to understand why people laugh. Often claims 'ownage' against people or whole forums, but usually only succeeds in 'owning' himself. Often uses the pseudonym of Enrique to fulfill homo-erotic fantasies. Has been known to write urban dictionary definitions for casiotech that are full of crap.
A Casiotech would say something like this...

45 pairs of Diesel jeans bought with cash... check
half my mortgage paid off in 4 years... check
own 2 cars and an old truck, paid off... check
retirement? HAH? I'm not waiting around to see what will happen to this country by the time I retire but I do have money put away.

I don't live a fillet mignon lifestyle but I also don't have a ground beef budget.

people here slam me for wearing 'girl jeans' and now I shoved a fist up all their asses.

a fist without lube

well it's not my fist, but my compadre Enrique's fist.
by The ATOT community August 25, 2008

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