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1) A stupid jackass that destroyed my mother's life by bringing her down and squelching her dreams. Also, he is a little girl with no opinions of his own or self control. Completely psychotic at times; locks himself in bathroom because he can't handle stress and because he is psycho.

2) A little girl inside an old man's body who has never had personal growth. Often yells out and trys to grow teenie-tiny little balls during arguments- teenie-tiny little balls that soon disappear just as soon as they came.

3) A diabetic alcoholic.

4) A complete loser who is known to have abandoned his wife in the middle of the night on the Las Vegas Strip with no money, cell phone, or way of finding her way back to the hotel- all because he threw a baby fit.

5) A total douchebag who throws baby fits due to an inferiority complex.

6) A person who somehow hasn't been divorced by my mother and/or shot by his stepson.

7) A little man who sits on a 4 inch thick pillow atop his seat to give him that extra height while driving his lifted truck so that he can feel like a big boy for once in his life.
I wish that my mom would have shopped around a lot more because the defective asshole that tricked her into letting him put a ring on her finger has turned out to be a typical stepfather.
by The "Stepson" January 17, 2008

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