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One who spends his/her day trying to get restricted definitions which include names of their friends/highschool/babysitters, etc., on UrbanDictionary.com
My Boyfriend loves me. He E-Homied me under "Skank Ass Hobag"!
by That Dez April 23, 2007
Slang, Loving nickname for writer Kenneth Che-tew Eng, self-proclaimed "God of the Universe." Also, young basement-dwelling, anti-social chronic masturbator
of all ilks. Typically found banging out half-baked Dungeons and Dragonsinspired wankfests and opuses to their own random theories of racial superiority for weekly magazines no person has actually read.
I ran into Chew Toy at the unemployment office today. He sends his hate.
by That Dez April 23, 2007
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