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2 definitions by Tha Madd Hatter

Amira is the girl you know who, if she was anyone else, you would consider really weird. But because it's her, it's just pleasantly eccentric. She is absolutely beautiful, but in an unconventional way. (not at all to say she isn't good looking by normal standards). She is someone who was into the things hipsters emulate, back before they were cool.

Amira is someone you could trust enough to be your best friend.
A: Hey who's that hipster chick over there? she's cute.

B: Naw man, thats Amira, she is deff not a hipster. She eats hipsters for breakfast.
by Tha Madd Hatter November 05, 2010
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used as a replacement for "blaze". meaning to go smoke bud.
Me: Sup dog, you wanna b?

Homie: yeah fewl! im so down!
by Tha Madd Hatter March 12, 2010
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