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A Metal Head is a person who listens to Death, Thrash, Speed, Black, Shred, and maybe Melodic Metal. Most wont listen to Alt or Nu-Metal and will probably shun it. There is no definate set of clothing attire but most can be seen wearing some type of jeans ranging from blue to black, also most likely have on a band shirt with either long hair or a shaved head, if they have facial hair it will most likely be a med-big beard or a goatee. A common mistake is that people tend to call them Satanic because of the music they listen to, this is not true. Yes, a metal head may be Satanic but this is simply a coincidence. They often fight, mainly for one of four reasons:
1: They have been having a bad day and you get in their way, say something wrong, etc.
2: They are in a good/content mood and you do something to provoke/anger them
3: They have had anger bottled up for a while and can no longer stand it, thus lashing out at anybody.
and finally the fourth reason

4: Simply because they like to fight. That being said its generally not the best idea to pick a fight with a metal head because whether they look it or not they are most likely a good fighter. They have a tight-knit group of friends, whom they are loyal to and share a good connection with. They are educated and civil, contrary to popular belief.
\m/ Metal head for life
by Th Metal January 10, 2010

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