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Someone way over on the political left that makes insane, irrational statements about their opposition on the right, Example of an actual moonbat statement: "These extremist Tea Baggers (moonbat's pornographic name for Tea Party) were the reason why S&P lowered the US credit rating". So a group of people that are trying to get our politicians to spend within its means are "extremists" and the cause of the downgrade when the S&P explicitly stated the US needs to cut even more than what the TP has advocated ? Yep, makes sense to me. Welcome to the irrational, upside-down world of the moonbat.
I can't talk to my moonbat neighbor because every other word out of his mouth is Bush sucks, Cheney blows and of course the axis of Obama/Reid/Pelosi are the best thing since sliced bread.
by Ted1203 August 15, 2011

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