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- A woman who's beautiful from the inside-out.
- She speaks the truth.
- She entertains herself (and others) by acting like a dumb blonde; this is obvious to anyone with a brain because she's a foxy brunette.
- She's a lover (not a hater).
- She's only a bitch when losers approach her at bar, especially clubs.
- She's cool. It's that simple.
- You will only know that she is amazing if you are amazing.

Still curious?

- Go to Youtube
- Type in UB40 and Can't help
- Watch it
- Just watch it...who the fuck cares...if it's true, it's true.

peace & love
Matt: "Dude. What's up with you and Jenna?"

Ethan: "Well...I don't know. She's cool."

Matt: "Ha ha. 'She's cool...'"

Ethan: "Well, she is. I've never met anyone like her."

Matt: "I knew it. You're in love with this chick."

Ethan: "Whatever."

Matt: "Haha. She's beautiful, man. Go for it."

Ethan: "..."

Matt: "What's up?"

Ethan: "Well, fuck."

Matt: "I know...We all go through that. But, trust me."

Ethan: "..."

Ethan: "You're a fuckin' tool."

Matt: "Yeah, dude, you're the tool..."

Matt: "So...what the fuck happened with the game, earlier?"

Ethan: "Fuckin' Kobe is a jackass."
by Tease Me Please February 06, 2010

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