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One who Engages In the act of an Immense, self full-filled prophecy of a Grotesque eating meal manner. Usually chew with their mouth open.
Mike: "wow, talk about obesity and over-indulging her/himself."
Tom: "I bet you couldn't help but notice that poor Snarfalopichous In that Bistro."
Mike: "Just makes me sick."(hurling noise)."
by Tdog 703 Ham July 25, 2008
A horrible scenario that happens of bad consequences from a previous action of stupidity.
George: (calling pete)... "Hey Pete Get over here quick! I just got In a Jifjaf of a situation."

Pete: "Oh snap, I'll be over there in a jiffy."

George: "This isn't time for jokes , hurry!"
by Tdog 703 Ham July 25, 2008
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