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To stroke a beard, real or imaginary, when pondering a situation.
While the crew was brainstorming over the situation, Frank was in the corner beardstorming.
by TatrTotz October 09, 2010
Swag Sausage (pl. Swag Sausages)

When you let your huge cock hang out and swing back and forth while you're walking down the street, and it's totally got major swagger.
Wow, did you see Bill's swag sausage? He almost hit little Susy with it from across the street!


Wow, Bill's swag sausage has a 180-degree swing!
by TatrTotz December 25, 2011
When someone shaving cuts two or more points on their upper lip on opposite ends, causing blood to run down in a mustache-like way.
Dude, how did you grow such a crazy red sensei 'stache so quickly? Oh wait. Its just a blostache.
by TatrTotz October 03, 2010
Jew Glory, noun.
A phrase indicating something both awesome and Jewish, or when someone Jewish does something awesome, usually awarded as points.
Woah dude, Moses invented Jewish rye bread? He totes gets some Jew Glory for that.
by TatrTotz December 25, 2011
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